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“Authorization to Stay” for Non-resident Engaging in Activities for own benefits in Macao
  Introduction (Service Coverage)
To issue, renew, and cancel "Authorization to Stay" for non-residents who engage in activities for their own benefits in Macao ("self-employed" for short).
  Service Provider
  Non-resident Workers Subdivision of the Residence and Stay Affairs Department
  Other Entity / Agency
  Labour Affairs Bureau
  Application Location
Immigration Building of the Public Security Police Force, Travessa Um do Cais de Pac On, Taipa, Macao
  Office Hours
Mon to Thu: 09H00 - 17H45
Fri: 09H00 - 17H30
  Closed on Sat, Sun and government holidays
Tags dispensed until: 16H30 (for making applications)
17H15 (collection of result or document supplementation)
  Enquiry Methods
  In person: the above address
  Tel.: (853) 2872 5488
  Fax: (853) 8897 0300
Issue Renewal Cancellation
  Transactional Category
  Relevant Service (Relevant Information)
  1. Declaration of application in process
  2. Certificate of document copied from dossier
  3. Certificate of limit of stay granted in "Authorization to Stay"
  4. Other certificates issued based on information in dossier
Registration for Automated Passenger Clearance System (e-Channel) for Non-residents
  Target Groups and Application Eligibility
  A. Target Groups
    The "self-employed"
  B. Application Eligibility
the "self-employed" possessing valid "employment authorization";
the "self-employed" meeting the stipulation relevant to the system of entry, stay and residence authorization in Macao (e.g. 1. in possession of a valid passport/travel document/identification document for entry to and departure from Macao; and 2. not in a lawfully restricted status).
  Application Approach
The "self-employed";
Legal representative of the “self-employed”.
    The legal representative should submit the following:
1) A certified letter of authorization;
Copy of his/her valid identification document (the original should be exhibited for authentication).]
  Documents to be Presented
  The original should be exhibited for authentication if a copy is submitted
  Application Procedures and Necessary Documents
Formal Examination
1. Initial Examination
The written instruction and official notification regarding the "employment authorization" should be presented and the following documents should be submitted to the Subdivision concerned:
  (1) A completed application form and a copy of it;
Copy of valid passport / travel document / P.R.C. Permit for travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao ("Two-way Exit Permit" for short) (bio data page only and the inside page containing the "Type D-Stay endorsement" for holders of a booklet-type "Two-way Exit Permit", while holders of a card-type "Two-way Exit Permit" should submit the back copy containing the "Type D-Stay endorsement".) or identification document used for entry to and departure from Macao;
  (3) 1 recent colour photo of 1.5-inch, full face, no-hat, white-background;
Copy of other certificates or documents (specifically named in the "employment authorization" written instruction).
After the above documents are properly submitted, the Subdivision conducts an initial examination of the application instantaneously. If it is approved, the initially approved "application form" will be returned instantaneously.
After entering Macao, the "self-employed" listed in the above initially approved "application form" may apply to the Subdivision for "Authorization to Stay" (valid for a maximum of 45 days) with the "application form" and a valid identification document. Then the "self-employed" can remain and temporarily work in Macao legally until the Authorization expires.
Final Examination
The Subdivision concerned will conduct a detailed examination of the application and make a final decision before the above "Authorization to Stay" expires.
The "self-employed" should go to the Subdivision in person for inquiry about the result on the expiry date of the Authorization (or the date specified by the authorities). If the application is approved, the "self-employed" is required to be fingerprinted and submit the following:
  (1) Copy of the initially approved "application form";
  (2) 1 recent color photo of 1.5-inch, full face, no-hat, white-background;
  (3) A completed "Declaration of Identification".
Upon completion of the procedure, the Subdivision will grant "Authorization to Stay".
After the “Authorization to Stay” is granted, the "self-employed" can bring the valid identification document used to apply for the “Authorization to Stay” and come in person to the designated locations within office hours to register for the Automated Passenger Clearance System (e-Channel). [For details, please refer to "Registration for Automated Passenger Clearance System (e-Channel) for Non-residents"]
  Charge (or Tax)
  Free of charge
  Time Needed
Initial Examination – within the same day;
  Final Examination – approximately 30 to 45 days (general situation).
Penalty for overstay
According to Administrative Regulation No. 14/2014 'Amendments to the Provision on Overstay in the 《Regulations of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization》', persons who still stay in the Macao SAR but not over 30 days after the expiry of the authorization granted is fined MOP500 per overdue day from 9/7/2014. The violators are required to pay the fine immediately after they are arrested or report themselves to the police. The above mentioned penalty regulation is not applicable to those who have overstayed in Macao within one year. Persons who do not pay the fine and persons to whom will be considered to be illegal immigrants, the penalty regulation is not applicable. Moreover, they cannot make any application for Residence Authorization, extension of Authorization to Stay and Authorization to Stay for Non-resident Workers within two years to the Immigration Department.
According to Law No. 6/2004, persons who are considered to be illegal immigrants will be deported and interdicted from entry to the Macao SAR for the period indicated in the deportation der.
According to Item 1, Term 1, Article 9 of Administrative Regulation No. 17/2004 “Regulation of Prohibition of Illegal Employment”, a non-resident who engages in activities for their own benefits in Macao without authorization shall be punished with a fine of MOP20,000 to MOP50,000.
  Application Form
  Legislations Website
  1. Regulation of Prohibition of Illegal Employment
Administrative Regulation No.17/2004 〔B.O. n.º 24 ( I ), 14/06/2004.〕
  2. General Principles of the System of Entry Stay and Residence Authorization
Law No. 4/2003 〔B.O. n.º 11 ( I ), 17/03/2003〕
  3. Regulations of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization
Administrative Regulation No. 5/2003 〔B.O. n.º 15 ( I ), 14/04/2003.〕
Amendments to the Stipulation on Overstay in the Regulations of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization
Administrative Regulation No. 14/2014 〔B.O. n.º 25 ( I ), 23/06/2014.〕
  5. Law of Illegal Immigration, Illegal Stay and Deportation
Law No. 6/2004 〔B.O. n.º 31 ( I ), 02/08/2004.〕
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