Press Release5/2/2018 Comunicado : Statistics on Combat of Taxi Malpractices and Illegal Car Hire Service in January
Press Release5/2/2018 Comunicado : PSP Visits Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau
Press Release27/12/2017 Comunicado : PSP Stand Fast to Their Posts During Reunification Day and Christmas
Press Release21/12/2017 Press Release : Guangdong Police Handed a Suspect Over to Macao Police
Press Release19/12/2017 Press Release : PSP Strengthens Inspection to Ensure Immaculate Law and Order in Community before Christmas
Press Release19/12/2017 Comunicado : Police Measures for Reunification Day and Christmas Holidays
Press Release19/12/2017 Press Release : PSP Christmas Dinner
Press Release13/12/2017 Press Release : Inauguration Ceremony
Press Release9/11/2017 Comunicado : Police Inspections in Early November
Press Release6/12/2017 Press Release : Public Security Police Force, Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau and Identification Services Bureau Collaborating to Develop Electronic Administration