Press Release18/9/2017 Press Release : Inauguration Ceremony of Deputy Commissioner of PSP
Press Release28/7/2017 Press Release : PSP and ESFSM Jointly Organize “Police Cadet Training Camp 2017”
Press Release21/7/2017 Press Release : Opening Ceremony of PSP’s “Artwork Exhibition of Police Officers 2017”
Press Release14/7/2017 Press Release : Exchange Meeting between PSP and Associação de Agências de Emprego de Capital da China (Macau)
Press Release10/7/2017 Press Release : Statistics on Combat of Taxi Malpractices and Illegal Car Hire Service in First Half of 2017
Press Release10/7/2017 Press Release : Traffic Accident in Avenida do Conselheiro Borja
Press Release7/7/2017 Press Release : Data of Prosecutions against Violations of Jaywalking, Not Giving Way on Pedestrian Crossing and Overloading (with Passengers) in First Half of 2017
Press Release7/7/2017 Press Release : Statistical Data Concerning Operations Against Illegal Workers in May 2017
Press Release7/7/2017 Press Release : Relocation of Coloane Subdivision to Edifício Ip Heng in Seac Pai Van
Press Release3/7/2017 Press Release : Founding Ceremony cum Welcoming Carnival of “Juvenile Police”