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  Entry and Exit Procedures for Macao Residents
  Introduction (Service Coverage)
After receiving the identity card from a Macao resident, the immigration officer at the border checkpoint immediately examines the card and verifies the identification of the holder. The officer would also input the resident's bio data to the computer either manually or through the Optical Character Reader. The identity card will be returned to the resident after it is confirmed that the information is correct.
Macao residents aged 7 or above may use the Automated Passenger Clearance System for immigration clearance.
Immigration officers conduct a preliminary examination of any Macao resident who fails to present an identity card or travel document upon entry or return to Macao because his/her identification document is lost or stolen outside Macao. Immigration officers also compose an application letter for verification of identity and capture fingerprints for the resident, whose entry will be permitted after the Immigration Department verifies his/her identity through the database shared by the Identification Services Bureau.
  Service Provider
  Border checkpoints of the Immigration Department
  Office Hours
  Border Gate Checkpoint
  06H00 - 01H00 (next day)
  Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge Checkpoint
  Starting from 3/May/2020, the office hours are adjusted until further notice:
08H00 - 22H00 (Zhuhai-Macao Arrival and Departure Halls)
10H00 - 20H00 (HK-Macao Arrival and Departure Halls)
24 hours (Zhuhai-Macao Vehicular Channels)
06H00 - 22H00 (HK-Macao Vehicular Channels)
  Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal and Yacht Terminal Checkpoint
07:00 - 22:00
  Cotai Checkpoint
08:00 - 20:00 (cargos)
24 hours (passengers)
  Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal Checkpoint
24 hours
  Airport Checkpoint
24 hours
  Taipa Ferry Terminal Checkpoint
24 hours
  Zhuhai-Macao Cross-border Industrial Zone Checkpoint
00:00 - 07:00 (for mainland workers, students and Macao residents; no vehicles allowed)
24 hours (for pass holders)
  Enquiry Methods
  In person:
Immigration Building of the Public Security Police Force, Travessa Um do Cais de Pac On, Taipa, Macao
  Tel: (853) 2872 5488
  Fax: (853) 8897 0300
Exit / entry inspection procedures for Macao residents
(Non-automated channel)
Entry clearance procedure for Macao residents who lost their document outside of Macao
  Transactional Category
  Exit / entry inspection procedures for Macao residents
(Non-automated channel)
(in our performance pledges)
  Relevant Service (Relevant Information)
  Certificate - Certificate of personal entry and exit movement record
  Required Documents
Valid Macao Identity Card;
Boarding pass (for departure at the Macao International Airport).
  Charge (or Tax)
  Free of charge
  Quality Criteria
  10 seconds [Please see Remark]
"Quality Criterion" refers to the time of processing required by service units (excluding time of waiting in a queue) calculated in the following manner:
From the moment when the service unit received the document;
Based on each document (excluding the procedure of checking more than one document or proof at Airport Checkpoint and Zhuhai-Macao Cross-border Industrial Zone Checkpoint);
Immigration clearance carried out using the clearance model of “integrated one-stop inspection” is not in the above performance pledge.
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