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  Extension of "Authorization to Stay"
  Introduction (Service Coverage)
Non-residents are required to apply for "ordinary extension" or "exceptional extension" according to Articles 11 and 12 of Administrative Regulation No. 5/2003 if they wish to extend their "Authorization to Stay".
  Service Provider
  Foreigners Subdivision of the Immigration Department
  Application Location
  Immigration Department Office Building, Travessa Um do Cais de Pac On, Taipa, Macao
  Office Hours
  Mon to Thu: 9:00 – 17:45 (Tags dispensed until 17:00)
  Fri: 9:00 – 17:30 (Same as above)
  Closed on Sat, Sun and government holidays
  Enquiry Methods
  In person: the above address
  Tel: (853) 2872 5488
  Fax: (853) 8897 0300
  Online: Inquiry system of Progress of Application for Extension of "Authorization to Stay"
Exceptional Extension
  Transactional Category
  Relevant Service (Relevant Information)
  Authorization to Enter and Stay
  "Special Authorization to Stay" for Non-resident Students
  1. Statement to prove the applicant is in application procedure
  2. Certificate to prove the document is copied from the applicant's dossier
  3. Certificate issued according to the information in archives
  Target Groups and Application Eligibility
  A. Target People
    Individuals who need to extend their "Authorization to Stay" for more than 90 days
  B. Requirement
Meeting the stipulations relevant to the system of entry, stay and residence authorization in Macao
    (e.g. 1.
In possession of a valid passport/travel document/identification document for entry to and departure from Macao;
    and   2. Not in a lawfully restricted status. [Note: For reference, please see 'Remark'])
  Application Approach
The interested person or a legal representative making the application 10 days before the expiry of the "Authorization to Stay";
The legal representative should submit the following:
A certified letter of authorization;
A copy of his/her valid identification document.
The Immigration Department can refuse to accept applications which are submitted later than the above limited period or applications which obviously lack a justification.
  Documents to be Presented
  The original should be exhibited for authentication if a copy is submitted
  Required Documents
A completed application form (format 3); application form (format 9) is also required if the application includes family members;
[Note: The forms are available at the respective Subdivision and the website of the Public Security Police Force]
Copy of the interested person's valid passport / travel document (bio data page and used inside pages only, and the Arrival Card for the latest entry to Macao) or identification document used for stay in Macao;
Document which can confirm the justification for the application (e.g. document of kinship between the interested person and his/her kindred in Macao, medical certificate, Macao identity card of a kindred in Macao, etc.).
  Charge (or Tax)
  Free of charge
  Time Needed
Varies case by case
The competence to examine and approve an application for exceptional extension remains with the Secretary for Security.
The period to be extended depends on the written instructions given to the relevant authorization. Generally it would not be more than 1 year and is restricted to 30 days before the expiry of the applicant's travel document and entry / re-entry permit (Article 9 of Administrative Regulation No. 5/2003).
While waiting for the approval, the interested person is required to go through certain procedure (e.g. to collect a document for reporting to the Immigration Department) at the Foreigners Subdivision 2 working days before the expiry of the original Authorization or upon notification from the authorities so that he/she can continue his/her legal stay in Macao to wait for the application result.
The interested person is required to bring along his/her valid passport / travel document / identification document based on which he/she is staying in Macao to go through the report formalities and check the progress of the application on the designated date. He/she can also use the "Inquiry System of Progress of Application for Extension of ‘Authorization to Stay’" at our website to inquire about the progress of the application. If the application result is out, the authorities will promptly issue him/her "Slip of Authorization to Stay" and sign to acknowledge the notification letter.
  5. Penalty for overstay
According to Administrative Regulation No. 14/2014 'Amendments to the Provision on Overstay in the 《Regulations of the Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization》', persons who still stay in the Macao SAR but not over 30 days after the expiry of the authorization granted is fined MOP500 per overdue day from 9/7/2014. The violators are required to pay the fine immediately after they are arrested or report themselves to the police. The above mentioned penalty regulation is not applicable to those who have overstayed in Macao within one year. Those will be considered to be illegal immigrants if they do not pay the fine and the penalty regulation is not applicable to them. Moreover, they cannot make any application for Residence Authorization, extension of Authorization to Stay and Authorization to Stay for Non-resident Workers within two years to the Immigration Department.
According to Law No. 6/2004, persons who are considered to be illegal immigrants will be deported and interdicted from entry to the Macao SAR for the period indicated in the deportation order.
  Application Form for Exceptional Extension of Authorization to Stay (format 3)
Application Form for Applicant's Family Members (format 9)
  Legislations Website
General Principles of the System of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization
Law No. 4/2003 [B.O. no. 11 ( I ), 17/03/2003]
Regulations of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization
Administrative Regulation No. 5/2003 [B.O. no. 15 ( I ), 14/04/2003]
Amendments to the Stipulation on Overstay in the Regulations of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization
Administrative Regulation No. 14/2014 [B.O. no. 25 ( I ), 23/06/2014]
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